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    The Dobbs Ferry School District strives to develop independent, curious, and open-minded learners who think critically, work collaboratively, act ethically and are knowledgeable about the world around them.

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Class of 1966-50th Reunion

  • Class of 1966 - 50th Reunion


School Snapshot

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    Springhurst Math Specialist Josh Rosen is the co-author of a new book, KenKen, Tried and True Tips & Techniques for Beginners. Each year, Rosen holds the highly-anticipated "KenKen Challenge" tournament for students in grades 2-5 and it has become a school-wide craze. This user-friendly step-by-step guide walks you through actual puzzles using proven methods and techniques for solving even the toughest KenKens. Now you can KenKen with your children and enjoy this favorite worldwide pastime. Read full article...

     hide DFHS Senior Blake Hord Named Finalist in Prestigious Siemens Science Competition
    Senior Blake Hord is seeing stars! He was named both a Regional and a National Finalist in the Siemens Competition in Math, Science & Technology. There were only 20 finalists in the nation and he was the only one in New York State! He headed to Washington DC earlier this week to compete in the final phase of the competition where he came in 6th and earned a 10,000 scholarship. His research project improved on a computer simulation of a planet in formation. Shout out to science research teacher Erica Curran on Blake's stellar achievement. 
    Click to see Siemen's press release/video.


Message From the Superintendent

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    Dear Dobbs Ferry Parents/Community Members,

    In collaboration with the Dobbs Ferry PTSA we hosted a series of book chats this fall for parents in neighborhood homes. We discussed themes from Adam Grant’s book Originals, which provides new perspectives on the value of non-conformity in education and ideas for nurturing creativity in children.

    According to Grant, it is the child who is naturally curious, who asks a million questions, who challenges authority, who is passionate about something, who is original—a non-conformist, that will move the world. 

    The Board of Education will host a Work Session on January 17th for interested community members around the book's themes. Topics include creative destruction, leadership, strategic procrastination, birth order and siblings and other ideas about how we can create the conditions that we want and value in our schools.

    Author Adam Grant recently had an Op Ed piece in the New York Times, which provides a nice synopsis of the major ideas in the book for parents who may not want to read it in its entirety. We will be exploring the key chapters.  Originals is also available as an audio book, which gives participants an additional option for engaging with the text. Go to www.audible.com to download the audio version.

    Click here to watch the video of Adam Grant’s TED talk on “Originals”:

    Click here to purchase the text which is available in paperback:

    Click here to read the Op Ed piece:

    I look forward to seeing you!

    Best Regards, 

    Lisa Brady, Ed.D.

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